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Welcome to the home of a/ex products from Assist Hygiene

What are a/ex products?

a/ex products are industrial wipes made up of five unique brands; Grimex, Surfex, Dermex, Protex and Drytex. Each product has been uniquely designed for particular areas of industry over the past three decades.

a/ex products are manufactured with simplicity in mind and on this site you’ll find simple, clear and concise information about each of the five products.

So, simply navigate the product names above or using the colour coded tabs at the bottom of each page to find out more about a/ex products. If you’re interest in any of the products then simply click at the bottom of the page and you’ll be directed to our parent site; Assist Hygiene.

Where are a/ex products made?

a/ex products are manufactured in North West UK by Assist Hygiene, which has it own unique website that you can visit by clicking here.

Assist Hygiene is primarily an own brand manufacturer, but its roots are in the a/ex products. Over the years these roots have stood firm and the a/ex range is something the company has become known for and proud of; hence this dedicated site specifically for the a/ex range.

If you would like to see the numerous ways the a/ex products can be packaged to suit your needs then simply visit assisthygiene.com.





The production process of a/ex wipes and associated products at Assist Hygiene.

The story behind a/ex products

Early years of Grimex

The a/ex product range was initially created 23 years ago in 1990 with the formulation of Grimex, a high level industrial degreaser wipe that could be used universally on hands, surfaces, tools, components and fabrics. Grimex quickly found its feet in the market place when it became the preferred product in telecommunications installation due to its ability to removal cable jelly from not only the cables being laid, but the engineer’s hands and their tools.

Grimex’s reputation grew rapidly and it soon became the product of choice for energy suppliers, particularly in the gas industry; police forces across the UK, for use in crime scene investigation and for many of the top motor sport teams across Europe.

The introduction of the other a/ex products

The popularity of Grimex swiftly led to the birth of the other a/ex products. Surfex, an industrial grade 70% IPA product; Dermex, a moist skin care wipe; Protex, an alcohol free surface sanitiser and Drytex, a series of dry wipe products.

Each of the products found its place in industry; from Drytex and Dermex in the nursing and health market to Surfex and Protex in cleanroom and food production facilities. Meanwhile, Grimex was going from strength to strength in the automotive and manufacturing sectors.

Below are some of the early designs of the a/ex range.


1990's GRIMEX


1990's SURFEX

1990's PROTEX


1990's DRYTEX


Own brand demand

The success of Grimex and the other products was the catalyst for the start of something new and dynamic in 2006. Assist Hygiene was founded as an own label manufacturer and took control of the a/ex range. The products were made available in 100% own brand for Assist Hygiene’s customers.

Assist Hygiene’s core business is now in own brand manufacture, but still the industry famous Grimex and a/ex products form the base of many of its products.

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